Nuovo evento internazionale

On behalf of the European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery it is a great honour and pleasure for me to welcome you to this new scientific event to be held in Ferrara under the auspices of EACMFS as part of the Educational programme. This time I extend my best wishes and all support for this Conference both as a member of the Local Scientific Committee and as Education & Training Officer EACMFS. I am hopeful this Conference will build a bridge among experts to share knowledge and further advancements in the ever challenging field of facial reconstructive surgery. Modern head and neck reconstruction has seen a revolution in these last years and following the developments of knowledge and technological advances the quality of life of the patients has undoubtedly improved. I especially encourage surgeons, researchers and young investigators to submit abstracts of their work and research that are still in development or active implementation, as this Conference will be an excellent opportunity to receive feedback and new ideas. This scientific event is also included in the EACMFS eLearning project. I would like to congratulate the Chairman Prof. Luigi C. Clauser, and the Co-Chairman Prof. Julio Acero, former Education & Training Officer EACMFS, for bringing us all together here for two days of discussion on the state of the art of all aspects of reconstructive surgery.

Ferrara 12-14 novembre 2015